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Wheeshing Product design concept

What does Wheeshing mean?

Wheeshing is the combination of the words: wishing and wheel. I developed the brand name with the purpose to achieve the meaning of the App. This project is a personal concept based on a real project I made for one of my clients, but still, it's related to the original product with different characteristics.

Example Wheeshing App splash screen

An innovative App to help mechanics

This is an App for tyre repair service, helping mechanics to choose the right tyre for any car and sending the offer directly to the car owner by message.

I examined and tested similar Apps and a special scenario was created. This scenario was following the activities that can be performed in the application.

Design & UX

The idea for this design was to simplify the usability and show the basic tools on the screen, without an overloaded visual. The design of the App was as simple as possible with simple shapes, white shapes, and sharp appearance.

Screenshots Wheeshing mobile web pages

The scenario consisted of several tasks such as: the registration within the App, the logging in and dashboard view, starting a new process for a new client, lack of the desired tyres in the catalog, the client refused the quotation, and changing the user data and logging out.

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Step by step

How Wheeshing is working when it's operating


Launch the App

The user opens the app from his phone and lands to the dashboard. He can check all clients' status.


Start a new Process

The user clicks the "start process" and scans the car's plate and the QR-code to get all the data from the test.


Selecting the tyres

When the tyres are not in good condition the user can select up to three tyres and create his quote.


Sending the quote

The user can send the quote to the car owner by message. From the dashboard, he receives the replies in real-time.

  • Screenshots Wheeshing mobile web pages
  • Screenshots Wheeshing mobile web pages
  • Screenshots Wheeshing mobile web pages
  • Screenshots Wheeshing mobile web pages

Design system

The design system helps to work together, create exceptional experience, and craft beautiful products and features faster.

Design system colors
Design system typography
Design system assets

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